All Of The Possibilities That Thermal Cooking Offers

Do you enjoy doing just about...anything? When it comes to our portable, flameless stove and MRE cooker here at Barocook, if you can think of an activity or a place that you spend time in, then the Barocook can perfectly pair with whatever it is that you have in mind. From the top of a tall mountain to deep below the Earth’s surface and quite literally everything in between, the Barocook is a versatile cooking solution that’s as easy to operate as it is convenient to use. In fact, we’d actually be hard-pressed to find an environment where the Barocook flameless stove system doesn’t work well.

In hopes that today’s blog post inspires you to travel and venture around the globe using your flameless stove, we wanted to write about all of the awesome thing and places you can go and still prepare delicious, hot food. With our portable stove, we like to think that you’re taking the kitchen with you wherever life takes you. Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the things that make the Barocook so awesome, and some of the things that you can do while you’re using it.

A Kitchen At Your Office Desk

Wait...wasn’t this blog post supposed to be about going to awesome places and doing awesome things? Yes, and we realize that working at the office is most likely none of those things, but hear us out - dreaming about what your next adventure is going to be and where you’re going to travel next all starts at the office when you’re gazing out the window. For the greatest levels of inspiration, you have to start at its origins.

With the Barocook, you can significantly maximize your work experience by skipping your lengthy walk to the break room for hot water. Now, it’s recommended that you get up from your desk every once and awhile to preserve your sanity as well as the health of your eyeballs, but what other cooking solution allows you to safely cook things right from the comfort and convenience of your desk? With no flames, you won’t need to worry about accidentally setting Peggy’s computer on fire next to you, even if she did deny your last time off request.

And with no electricity required to power the stove, there’s also no chance of frying anyone's equipment, either. Instead, you’ll be frying up some delicious food to share with your co-workers! It’s no wonder that the Barocook is such a win-win for everyone involved. Plus, everyone loves a coworker who shares food with them, because who really wants to pack their own lunch?

Enjoy A Picnic

You don’t need to be on some epic alpine adventure summiting Mount Everest in order to utilize the Barocook’s outdoor cooking capabilities. A casual picnic at your local park with the family represents a great opportunity to put the Barocook to work. Our products can also cool or chill perishable items due to our insulating technology, so the Barocook also presents a great alternative to a traditional cooler. Just lay out your large blanket and grab all of your picnic items from your generic woven picnic basket and BAM - baby, you’ve got a convenient picnic going.

Be A Mountain Man (Or Mountain Woman)

Picnics are great, but whatever you’re into, the Barocook is sure to follow. So if that means that you actually want to take it on an epic alpine adventure summiting Mount Everest, then do your thing! Now, you don’t have to settle for bland protein bars, stale nuts, or worse - a mushy banana. The Barocook works great for any time frame of a mountain adventure, whether you’re out exploring for the day or you’re saying goodbye to civilization forever (though we recommend human contact once and awhile as science has shown that it is healthy for us).

Also, our flameless cookers are lightweight and ultra-portable, so you can even pack and cook your food in the same container. Just bring along your heating packs and you’re good to go! It couldn’t be any easier to enjoy delicious food when you’re out in the middle of the wilderness, and that nearby grizzly bear couldn’t agree anymore.

On The Road? Cook A Hot Meal!

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? There’s nothing quite like poorly packing your car, forgetting to fill up with gas and hitting the good ol’ open road. Classic road trip snacks are great, but they get old after awhile. After what seems like an eternity - probably when you’re 0.5 percent across the state of Texas - you’re going to want some real, hot food. You know, like a meal. Fortunately, the Barocook offers a sensible and safe solution to use in your car, trailer, motorhome, RV or vehicle of your choice. With no open flames and no electricity required for operation, there’s no chance of damaging that precious interior. Just make sure to utilize your passengers to help you so that you can focus on driving, and if you don’t have any passengers, well, you should have thought that through before you hit the road.

Any Event

If you’re at an extended event where you need to eat, which could be just about any type of event, the Barocook is yet again your best friend. Whether you’re at a cultural, film, arts or music festival, or even a concert where you have a random hankering for hot noodles, give our thermal cooker a shot. We promise that you won’t regret it, except when your neighbors next to you suddenly become friendly as they smell your delicious, hot food cooking.

An Oven Or Stove Alternative

If you’re looking to show your kitchen that you’re a true rebel, you can easily and conveniently cook food and heat up water right in front of your very own kitchen appliances. Can you really walk around and hold your oven or stovetop while you’re cooking with it? Perhaps, but we wouldn’t recommend it because that sounds dangerous and difficult to do. But with the Barocook, you have a truly safe and portable system to cook anything with. Take THAT, conventional kitchen appliances!

Wherever You Go, The Barocook Is There To Follow

Whether you’re spending the day at the park, going to the neighborhood pool, or even flying out to see your crazy uncle, the Barcook is the perfect on-the-go solution to satisfy your hunger needs. Well, we’re not so sure about the flying part due to TSA regulations, but you get the point. If you’ve been looking for the ultimate convenience in a non-fire cooking hot pack for food or backpacking stove, the Barocook is the ultimate solution. If you’re curious about our outdoor cooking equipment company, visit here or browse our main collection today.