Are You a Show Off or a Glamper When it Comes to Campsite Cooking?

In our last blog, we looked at how the level of experience you have with camping will determine in great part how you eat when you are out in the forest. We looked at novices, couples, and experienced campers. In this week’s article, we are going to look at a few more types of campers, how they eat, and how Barocook’s thermal cooking pots can enhance their camping kitchen skills. We have small, medium, and large thermal pots for you to experiment with and we are sure you’ll find the one that works best for your camping style.

The Show Off

 From portable pizza ovens to mini fridges, there are those who take cooking for campers to the next level, but even they can benefit from the convenience of a Barocook Thermal cooker. Our Pressure Pot could make a great addition to their camping kitchen. Impress your fellow campers with this pot, which reaches up to 214°F and stays up long enough to cook most meals. We have a feeling the show off will know exactly how to use this pressure pot to cook meat, beans, or other foods that usually require longer to cook than a normal thermal pot allows. As always, be sure to check the temperature of your meat to make sure it is safe.

The Glamper

 Yurt: Check

Christmas lights: Check

Hammock: Check

 Glampers may seem high maintenance to campers who relish coming home smelling like pine needles, but they know how to do things their own way. Eating their own way goes along with it, and we can all learn from them. Take the idea of a meal in a jar. This is a great idea to make your meals original and tasty. Simply combine freeze dried food and seasoning but instead of putting them in a heavy breakable glass jar, place your ingredients into a reclosable zip bag. When it’s time to get your meal ready place your freeze-dried ingredients and the right about of water to your large Barocook Thermal Cooking Pot, set the heating pack into the lower chamber of the Dutch oven-style pot, close it tightly, and let the thermal pot do its job. You can have an amazing meal that is cooked without fire or power.

The Reluctant Cook

 For those who love to eat but hate to cook, Barocook thermal pots offer an easy, no fuss way to cook meals. You don’t need to build a fire, set up a burner, or complain about not having power—simply add freeze-dried MRE rations to the thermal pot and activate the heating pad with the appropriate amount of water (listed on heat pack), seal the cooker, and wait. There is a wide variety of freeze-dried foods available both in local outdoors stores and online, so these reluctant cooks only need to rip open the packages and use the Barocook thermal cooker to feel like they have reached a new level of cooking skills.