Awesome Outdoor Camping Gear You Didn’t Know You Needed

Humanity has come a long way in making experiencing the beautiful outdoors as convenient and comfortable as possible. Well, by humanity, we’re probably referring to modern society, but you get the point. From basic yet hard-to-pitch tents and nasty iodine tablets to purify water all the way to simple drinking straws and portable internet connections, there’s something out there to please the roughest of backpackers to the most particular of “glampers” (yes, that’s a thing - it refers to ‘glamorous’ or overly-luxurious camping). With the ever-expanding market of outdoor cooking gear and general outdoor camping gear out there, there’s pretty much no excuse not to wander out in the natural beauty of mother nature, even if you do really, really hate mosquitos (and who doesn’t?).

Meeting Your Camping Cooking Needs

In keeping up with this outdoor gear trend, Barocook provides the latest and greatest in simple, effective and easy-to-use outdoor cooking gear. We offer innovative products like our large thermal pot for flameless cooking, our cooling bag for storing food on-the-go, and thermal mugs to keep your beverage of choice scorching-hot for hours on end. While Barocook is mostly concerned with camping cooking supplies, we think you’ll find that our well-designed products are sure to make your next camping trip meal an easy and delicious one.

We’re going to take a look at some other cool and novel outdoor camping gear on the market that will make you think “Wow, I didn’t know that was a thing. I guess I should probably get outside more often!”. Let’s take a gander at some of this surprisingly innovative camp gear.

Collapsible Water Bottles

Having your own container to store water in, be it a classic Nalgene bottle or a simple squirt bottle, has been the hydration standard for quite some time. In the water bottle market, you’ll find insulated water bottles to keep your aqua ice cold on those hot days and even hydration solutions that will purify your raw water source right inside your water bottle. Pretty cool, right? Now, there’s a water storage solution that’s ultralight and incredibly efficient. Queue the collapsible water bottle.

Not many other water bottles will let you pocket them or conveniently hang on your belt loop with a carabiner or clip - not without being an incredible hassle, at least. But with a collapsible water bottle, it will effortlessly transform from the size and bulk of a coffee table coaster all the way to a full-sized bottle with one solid motion. Expand the bottle to fill it with water, and when you’re done using it, smush it down to its collapsed form. It’s lightweight material and efficient design makes it perfect for ultralight backpackers or for those who don’t want to lug around a bulky bottle after they’re done drinking from it. And since we all have to hydrate in order to survive, this is an item that’s useful for everyone.

Stay On The Grid When You’re Off The Grid

Those who show interest in an extended backcountry trip far from cell coverage might also express some concern about having no way to communicate with the outside world. While it’s healthy to give your work email a break, communication for emergency purposes is certainly an important consideration. That’s why small, portable networks like the goTenna can turn your smartphone into an off-grid communications tool. Full-sized GPS devices are nice to track your location, elevation, and other navigational aspects of backcountry exploration, but typically don’t offer the same communication features that smartphones do. Well, at least smartphones that are connected to a portable cell tower of sorts. Speaking of your smartphone…

Portable USB Battery Chargers

At the very least, your smartphone without any connection to a service provider works as a decent camera to document and capture your beautiful trip in the mountains. But what happens if your trusted device dies while you’re out in the backwoods? Fear not, because lightweight, portable USB battery chargers are here to help. Simply charge them up at home or somewhere with electricity and pack them up with you, along with a cable that plugs into your phone’s charging port. Viola! Now you have a fresh phone battery, or whatever device you’re using that can be charged via USB (which seems to be most devices these days). They’re generally lightweight and small, so they won’t take up too much space in your backpack.

Solar-Powered Chargers

In the same vein, solar-powered battery chargers are also portable and can be taken with you on your outdoor adventure. These devices have the advantage of being re-chargeable provided you have sufficient sunlight overhead, as opposed to the one-and-done charge potential of a standard portable USB battery charger. With multiple options to keep the juice running on your technology devices, you won’t be forced to camp out in nature without the mind-numbing effects of a screen at your disposal. As for your overly-outdoorsy friend who urged you that you should just “enjoy nature in the moment, man”, at least you won’t be surfing the web during your entire trip. Unless you bring along a portable network device like we mentioned above, of course.

Inflatable Camping Tents

Are you not so camping-savvy? Does the idea of setting up a tent with confusing poles and unclear directions make you terrified? Well, now you can stay warm and dry under your tent without the hassle and frustration of hiring an engineer to help you set it up. Say goodbye to unnecessary rods and ropes and say hello to the Heimplanet Inflatable Cave Tent. Featuring an included air pump that will thoroughly inflate the entire tent in a matter of minutes, all you need to set up your precious shelter is the ability to operate a switch on the pump. Boom, now you have shelter. Modern society really has made camping a lot easier.

Due to the geometric design of the inflatable tent, it’s rather stable, and if you accidentally poke a hole somewhere, the durable materials won’t have your tent deflating like an overstimulated kid and a bouncy house. Like any good tent or shelter, it’s waterproof and weather-resistant, too. The inflatable cave tent is only designed to comfortably house 2-3 people, so you’ll need to remind some of your buddies on your next camping trip that they’ll have to stick with their lame conventional tent.

Barocook Makes Eating And Camping Easier Than Ever

By using our hot pack for food and other fine outdoor cooking equipment, we want you to spend maximum time enjoying the marvels of nature. Why waste precious time on your next outdoor camping trip worrying about figuring out how your archaic stove works to cook dinner or wondering how long you can eat protein bars and trail mix for without going nuts? Everyone deserves a quality experience when they camp or backpack, and Barocook is proud to support this cause. Shop our store today!