Barocook in the Backwoods

Barocook performed flawlessly for a small group winter camping in Bear Lake, Utah. Jim Bridger called this area, "Caribbean of the West." I think he would also call Barocook Flameless Cookware, the greatest revolution in cooking," too. They cooked CampFire and Mountain House meals in the medium, 33 oz stove.

With a single 50g, heating pack they were able to cook 2, two person meals. "The food is dehydrated and so it doesn't need to be cook, simply heated. So with a single heat pack we replaced the food in the container twice to cook two meals." The flameless heat pack was activated by snow. "By heating snow in our hands it activated and melted the rest of the snow."

Barocook is perfect for any season, any activity, and any budget. Which Barocook model works for you?