Level up Your Campsite Cooking


If you are an avid hiker or camper, you know that eating well when you are out on an adventure is something that can run from surviving on protein bars to gourmet meals that will have some people accuse you of glamping. BaroCook flameless thermal cooking pots, thermal mugs, and thermal pressure pots can be your camping partner no matter what level of culinary camping skills you possess. We have products that will meet you where you are in your journey to being an experienced camper who can produce and amazing meal with the bare minimum of supplies.

 Whether you are living close to the edge of flavor and survival or taking the opportunity to show off your camp kitchen skills depends on many factors, including the level of camping experience you have. We’ll look at a few of these levels in this week’s article.



The Novice

If you are a novice camper you might be focusing on other skills. You know as long as you have enough calories, you’ll survive and know more about camping when you get back to town and sit down to a big dish of home-cooked food. There is no need to starve yourself when you are learning to camp or taking a long day hike. Camping should be fun and having meals that are delicious and satisfying should be part of it. You won’t want to go out camping often if part of it always includes not eating well. Our Personal Thermal Pot & Thermal Mug Set for Flameless Cooking is the perfect starter kit for cooking while you are learning other skills that are essential for camping.


The Beginner Couple

When you are your partner decide to follow your hearts to the great outdoors, you may discover that camping as a novice can test your nerves and patience, and even put your relationship in jeopardy. Nothing gets a couple bickering like being hangry. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The convenience of Barocook flameless cooking can help you avoid a bad case of the crankies. Once you’ve both agreed on a place to camp for the night or weekend, you’ll be busy setting up your tent and getting all the supplies that go into the tent for the night set up. Once you get the sleeping bags laid out and have a strategy for nighttime “outhouse” needs, you’ll probably want to eat. Most couples have a story about their first camping trip and how they couldn’t get a fire started. It could be raining, or too dry for a start a fire safely, or maybe you are sure the other person said they’d be the one bringing the lighter and they are sure you said you would have one. One easy way to avoid this conflict altogether is to plan on taking the Barocook Couples Outdoor Flameless Cooker Set. This set comes with two thermal cups, one pot, a total of 15 heating packs, and a cooking and cooling bag. Just pack some freeze-dried food and you skip the fire on this camping trip and head for the tent for some well-earned rest.


The Expert

You know who you are. You have the gear, the know-how, and the experience to handle any situation that nature and fate hand you. You know how to survive if you don’t have a lighter, or even a tent. When it comes to cooking, you know your stuff. You have your fuel cooker and know how to troubleshoot it when it doesn’t work as it should. But you also know that sometimes you want to travel light and not carry the heavy fuel that a burner requires. And other times, you want your burner but want some other way to cook so you can essential have two burners going without having to carry two of them, and double the fuel tanks with your on your hike to the camping site. The perfect second cooker can be a flameless cooker! With a thermal pot from Barocook, you can cook a meal that will be satisfying and taste great. If you’ve got a group to cook for, using a thermal cooking pot can make a meal with multiple ingredients and leave the one pot meals to the beginners.


A thermal cooking set allows you to cook a full meal when you have no power and no fire. Use it as a primary cooker or as a supplemental cooker to add an extra dish to the burner-cooked meal without having to carry extra fuel! Check back for our next article to learn more ways that Barocook can make sure you come back from your next your camping trip well fed and happy!