No Microwave. No Problem

The Barocook worked like a champ for the week I was in the desert of Nevada in a "Bed and Breakfast" that didn't have a microwave. In fact, it didn't have much else either besides a few paper walls and a bed. This was the first time I had come across a hotel room without a microwave. I kept it simple cooking oatmeal and beans/rice everyday for over a week.

One 20 gram heating pack was enough to cook each meal and took roughly 10 minutes. In fact, it was more than needed; I could have heated or cooled other goods. They say to take the flameless heating element out of the stove after 20 minutes or so because it can get the plastic really hot and leave a film on it, which is okay because you don't eat out of that part. I used the smallest stove they have at 11 oz and it was perfect for a single meal. Clean up was a snap in the sink.

From personal experience you can count on the Barocook Flameless Cookware to meet your cooking or heating needs when you need it.