Not your average camping experience

When you think camping you probably think tent, hot dogs, and trees. Lots and lots of trees. But with so many beautiful places to go and visit, why limit yourself to just the forest? With Barocook, camping isn't just for the mountains. Supplying you with all the camping cooking supplies that you need to make your camping experience the adventure of the year, we decided that it would be a good idea to fill you in on exactly what you should bring with you to the beach.

Pack your suit, bring a blanket, and leave your shoes behind! There can't be that much to it, it's beach camping. Okay, so maybe you’ll want to be a little more prepared. Even for the most advanced camper, being in a new terrain can be eye opening. Step outside your comfort zone and try something new! You never know, you may find out that beach camping is your new favorite way to be outdoors. With these items in tow, you are sure to have a great beach camping experience.

What to pack

Beach Tools

Few things beat waking up to the sound of waves crashing and the smell of slightly salted air. But if you are not prepared you may reconsider how fun the sand is. To begin, you are going to want to start with your basic camping supplies. This is where you will want to think outside of the box. Because you're in different surroundings, unlike mountain camping, you may want to bring tools: such as a dust pan, brush, and sand stake- ensuring that you have what you need for soft ground, not rocks and mountains terrain. Also, consider that beach camping is extremely warm during the day, but temperatures do drop at night so make sure your sleeping bag accommodates for the right temperature.

Sun Protection

Because there is going to be fewer trees, if any at all, you need to consider your exposure to the sun while camping. Located next to large bodies of water, the sun can become increasingly dangerous when reflecting off the waves, harming you and your fellow campers if you are not prepared. We highly recommend that you bring plenty of sunscreen and maybe even an umbrella and sun hat for added shade during the day.


This may sound silly because you’ll be surrounded by water. But if you’ve seen any movie about someone being lost at sea, you know that the water you’re surrounded by will not provide you any sort of hydration. Make sure that you pack enough water to last the duration of your beach stay, and that you have a little extra to wash the sand out of undesirable places such as your feet, tent, and bags.

Cooking utensils

Most importantly, you will want to pack proper cooking supplies. While you are not in shortage of water, you may still not have access to the resources necessary to build a fire. And with our camping cooking supplies, that's no problem. Protection for your food is just as important as for yourself. Using our insulated cooking and cooling bag will do the trick! Keeping your food out of the sun and preventing it from spoiling, our insulated bag is great to store raw and cooked goodies to fill you during your adventure.

But why stop there?

With a wide selection of flameless camping cooking supplies, you can find everything you need to make your beach experience complete. The next time you think about going camping, give the beach a try and remember who you can count on for all your cooking supplies. Those dogs and s'mores taste just as good with sand between your toes.