Planning a Backpacking Trip, Part II

Welcome back to our series on backpacking! In our first blog on planning a backpacking trip, we went over some of the essential preparation measures and factors to consider. Part II on backpacking is all the tips you need to know for when you’re out on your trip. Take a look at our tips, and find the best in flameless cookware from Barocook today!

Know Your Limits

You might have an idea of how far you want to go out, such as hiking out 10-12 miles and setting up camp. However, it is far more important to listen to your body than to adhere to a strict plan. This is especially necessary to consider when in an environment that differs from what your body is used to. Higher elevations, for example, can contribute to people feeling lightheaded, dizzy, and more out-of-breath than they might be used to.

It might sound cliché, but in any instance of starting to get run down or worn out, listen to your body and respect what it needs. Pushing yourself another mile is not worth getting stranded in a place that is even further away from civilization.

Leave No Trace

This is one of the most crucial things to understand and act upon when backpacking (though it serves as a great overall rule as well). Respect the space that you are in by leaving absolutely nothing behind.

  • Food: Prepare and pack food in a way that ideally results in zero leftovers and very little waste. Any remaining waste needs to be packed in airtight bags and brought back out with you. Bringing flameless cookware with you is a great way to prep food in a lightweight manner, and help easily carry things out as needed.
  • Waste: This is not just food waste, but human waste as well needs to be taken care of appropriately. You guessed it, we’re talking about poop. One of the recommendations from the Leave No Trace initiative involves utilizing WAG Bags to effectively transport human waste. These bags are necessary because they can be safely disposed of in a regular garbage system upon getting back from your trip.
  • Materials: Always go by the mindset of “cleaner than you found it.” Wrappers, plastic, water bottle caps—anything you can think of needs to be packed and brought back out with you. It might seem tedious, but it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Another huge part of leaving no trace is leaving behind anything that is natural to the area. It’s one thing to pick up a plastic wrapper that you find, that’s just part of being a decent human, but it’s another to take home rocks or plants or anything else native to your location. If everyone practiced the idea of leaving no trace, our planet would benefit immensely.

    Be Flexible

    Things don’t always go as planned, regardless of if you’re backpacking or working at your office. Be prepared, but be calm, cool, and collected in the event that plans change. You’re on the trip of a lifetime, maintain a positive attitude and enjoy this respite from society!

    Backpacking trips are an incredible experience. Enjoy the adventure to its fullest by being prepared ahead of time. Order flameless cookware from Barocook to ensure your trip is well on its way to being a great one.