Survival Tips And Using Our Flameless Ration Heater To Wait Out A Winter Storm

There’s never a bad time to be thoroughly prepared for whatever life or the weather throws at you, regardless of the time of year or where you’re exploring. At Barocook, we embrace your adventurous spirit of wandering around nature and discovering the natural beauties of the Earth, but it’s also highly important to do this safely. Time and time again, countless individuals have fallen victim to the Earth’s harsh adverse weather conditions and storms. This especially occurs when one is unprepared to wait out or survive in the elements, but fortunately, our portable cooking systems at Barocook can help you survive and get by when the going gets rough.

The Barocook Can Serve You Wherever, Whenever

We’re happy to provide military service members, outdoor explorers, and other active people on-the-go with a reliable and easy-to-use solution to heat up food and water. Whether you need to purify your water source or provide yourself with a warm meal, you can count on our flameless stove to help you out when you need it most. Plus, without the need for electricity or propane fuel cells to operate our convenient survival stove, it can easily be used virtually anywhere and in any conditions. If you’re somewhere in the atmosphere, then you should be good to go, and if you’re not, then we’ll just consider that impressive.

Today, we’re going to focus on some practical survival tips to wait out a winter storm. While it may not be winter time in the United States, there’s always a bounty of snow on one side of the Earth’s equator, and it’s important to know what to do in case venturing out into the deep backcountry goes awry. Let’s take a look at these survival tips.

If You’re In A Cabin, Don’t Leave

This tip also applies to a hut, yurt, tipi, tent, or any sort of structure where you’re staying in to provide warmth and a dry environment. Similar to getting lost or stranded in a desert or an island, it’s best not to wander too far so that there will be a greater chance that someone finds you. In the case of waiting out a harsh snowstorm, the majority of people killed tend to be the ones that wander away from their shelters for too long.

Remember that hypothermia - not necessarily the snow itself - is your enemy. If you’re in a blizzard, the combination of wind and wetness from the snow will quickly and drastically reduce your core body temperature to dangerous levels. Above all else, make sure to stay dry, because being dry equates to being warm.

What To Do If You’re Stuck In Your Car

Survival tips on waiting out a winter storm in your vehicle begin with carrying around essential survival items before you’re actually caught in a storm. Depending on where you live, this may not be much of a concern, but if you live deep in a mountain town and it’s starting to turn from autumn to winter, you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared for the worst.

As such, carry a winter survival kit in your car, including essential survival items like a low-temperature rated sleeping bag, extra warm and dry clothing, a flashlight or headlamp, extra non-perishable food, excess drinking water or a way to melt snow (the Barocook comes to mind!), dry hiking boots, a way to signal others such as a flare, and so forth. All of these items located in the convenience of your vehicle will make it so that you can access them without having to go outside into the storm - which may not even be an option if you’ve drifted into a snowbank and can’t open any of your doors.

If you can (safely) get outside your vehicle, ensure that your car’s exhaust pipe is free of snow inside of it to prevent any potential for carbon monoxide buildup. Make sure to stay calm and stay put inside your vehicle, and turn it on every once and awhile to circulate heat, but only to do for small bits of time in order to conserve gas. Additionally, as a good way to signal to others for help and indicate that your vehicle is there, turn on your hazard lights, which are generally designed not to train your car’s battery.

Stay Warm And Layer Up

Seriously, besides staying hydrated and consuming calories, staying warm and dry is one of the single most important things that you can do to survive and outlast in a winter storm. You might even find yourself to be comfortable and cozy by properly and thoroughly layering up, as strange as that sounds.

If you must leave your vehicle or shelter and go outside to check on something or signal for help, dressing appropriately is of the highest importance. Make sure to cover your head and toes, wear high-visibility clothing if you have any (storms, especially blizzards, tend to be low-visibility situations), and remember that wool is your best friend. Clothing like down jackets are also great to insulate and trap your body heat, but they’re not always the most waterproof material, so make sure that your outermost layers are water-resistant or waterproof.

Stay Entertained

This survival tip might sound a little strange because entertainment isn’t typically regarded as a basic element of survival. Rather, entertainment is viewed as a luxury, and it generally is. That being said, when you’re playing the often-tedious waiting game of beating out a snowstorm or blizzard, you might be doing so for quite some time. In today’s information and technology-driven world, we’re so used to being constantly entertained, or at least preoccupied, with something that’s going on. So unless you have something to keep your mind off of counting the passing seconds until the storm clears up or a snowplow comes for help, you might start to lose your marbles a little bit.

This survival tip applies to waiting out any storm in any environment, including your car, a tent, an unfortunate night spent at your office (ouch), and so forth. Sometimes, ‘life happens,’ and you’ll need to make the best of it. A strong, positive mental attitude goes a long way when you’re bracing the elements and things seem somewhat grim. Many people who are stuck tend to think of future-oriented things like their goals, travel plans, or other thoughts that take them away from the present moment. If you have things like playing cards, board games or word games, or anything else to add some fun and entertainment to the situation, this makes the time fly by a little faster and also works to reduce your anxiety levels about what’s going on.

Our Survival Stove And MRE Heater Also Help!

For an easy and reliable way to heat freeze-dried camping foods or other goods when you’re caught in a storm, the Barocook is a hassle-free and ideal alternative to other portable stoves. Without messing with open flames or combustible gases, you’ll be safe and magically warm at the same time. Shop our flameless cook box today!