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Camping Food Safety

Is there anything that can possibly beat dining in the great outdoors? Enjoying coffee while the sun comes up (made possible by our Thermal Cafe Mug), savoring pastas or stews as the stars settle in—eating outside is one of the best things you can do. It’s almost as if meals have a heightened flavor, and you certainly end up appreciating the food more. Yet with camping outside and eating outside comes its fair share of risks, which is why it’s important to know the proper food safety for when you’re in the mountains, woods and beyond. Take a look at some key food safety tips to implement on your next trip, and invest in the best flameless cookware from Barocook today....

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The Best Places to Camp With Flameless Cookware

When you think of camping, there are several iconic symbols that come to mind. The tent, the trees, the views, and of course, the campfire. But in more recent years, droughts and dry spells have left many a rugged wilderness under a fire ban, which can make camp food options much more limiting. And when your cooking options are a bit on the scarce side, it can make even the best of us a bit wary and unnerved of taking the trip. However, there are so many outstanding places you need to see, and the lack of a campfire should not stop you from getting out there. With our flameless cookware technology, you can create the finest in dining, making...

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