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Looking At The History Of MRE’s And Our MRE Heater

What does this mysterious acronym mean? Well, if you have experience with camping, backpacking or you’ve served in the military, chances are that you’re familiar with MREs, or ‘Meal, Ready-to-Eat.’ These freeze-dried meal rations have conveniently fed countless people since as far back as the 1960’s, and continue to be praised for their easy preparation in the outdoor camping and backpacking communities. But how exactly did MREs come to be? Well, in today’s blog post, that’s what Barocook is here to talk about. Barocook Makes The Perfect MRE Heater At Barocook, we care about MREs and outdoor camping gear because we make the best, most convenient flameless MRE heater on the market. By providing outdoor enthusiasts with a way to...

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