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The Dangers Of Open Camp Fires

If you are an avid camper, we ask, what is your favorite part? Maybe it's the sunsets. Or the uninterrupted view of nature. The fresh mountain air. Or maybe the laughter around a fire. And who can forget the food? That delicious, freshly prepared, camp style goodness everyone loves. Ask any experienced camper and I’m sure you will get some sort of response like this. Part of the whole camping experience is the food; and who’s to blame? We thoroughly enjoy that too.  But when camping in a forest, there is always the possibility of danger. Most obviously, when you start an open fire camping, you open the door to forest fires. However, there’s more than just that. Welcome to...

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Emergency Preparedness Guidelines

It seems that there are few places to live in America where you don’t have to be prepared for some kind of natural disaster. Around the Gulf of Mexico and up the east coast, you have to be ready for hurricanes. Hurricanes can take down power lines and cut you off from commercial areas, leaving you stranded in your home for days. In the northeast, you have to be ready for a wicked nor’easter in the winter that can knock out power for days. All over the midwest, you could lose power during the winter or summer with one of the many powerful storms that bring blizzards or tornadoes, depending on the season. On the west coast, you have your...

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