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Backcountry Camping Guide

Have you wanted to go camping out in the wild, away from your typical packed campground so you can better enjoy the tranquility of nature without other distractions? If you're new to backcountry camping or would like to try camping off the beaten path, here is a great guide to get you started. You'll learn to pick the best spots and protect yourself from wildlife and mother nature, among other great info. Find out more at Backcountry Camping: Security and Comfort

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Barocook Pouch with Mountain House Meals

It's really simple and clean to use the Mountain House, Food Insurance or other mylar bag meals with the portable, eco-friendly Barocook Pouches. Click here to order some for your next adventure.

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No Flame, No Problem? A Review of the Barocook Flameless Cooking System

The small packet reacted ferociously within seconds of adding water, an entertaining display of chemistry that soon began pumping out enough heat to cook a simple meal. As my test of the Barocook flameless cooking system revealed, this novel addition to the pantheon of backcountry cooking options does work, but at a cost of both money and weight. Overall, it’s more of a novelty than a go-to cook system, though it does have potential value for inside-the-tent use during severe weather, especially in winter conditions. Here’s how it works. The cook system consists of four components: an outer plastic container, an inner stainless steel pot that nests closely inside, a plastic lid that clamps down over the top, and a...

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