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Tips for Camping and Hiking at Altitude

 Camping and hiking high in the mountains are some of the great pleasures of vacation. You can look out at spectacular views, experience new sensations, learn about new flora and fauna, and just feel like you’ve really gotten away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. But it is important to be prepared. This means being ready for the cold temperatures, the changing weather, and the changes that high altitude means for your body and your food. Doing anything at a high altitude means special accommodations need to be made for your health and safety. In this week’s article, we’ll look at two basic needs while in the high country: eating and drinking. Cooking Changes One important thing...

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All Of The Possibilities That Thermal Cooking Offers

Do you enjoy doing just about...anything? When it comes to our portable, flameless stove and MRE cooker here at Barocook, if you can think of an activity or a place that you spend time in, then the Barocook can perfectly pair with whatever it is that you have in mind. From the top of a tall mountain to deep below the Earth’s surface and quite literally everything in between, the Barocook is a versatile cooking solution that’s as easy to operate as it is convenient to use. In fact, we’d actually be hard-pressed to find an environment where the Barocook flameless stove system doesn’t work well. In hopes that today’s blog post inspires you to travel and venture around the...

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