The Best Places to Camp With Flameless Cookware

When you think of camping, there are several iconic symbols that come to mind. The tent, the trees, the views, and of course, the campfire. But in more recent years, droughts and dry spells have left many a rugged wilderness under a fire ban, which can make camp food options much more limiting. And when your cooking options are a bit on the scarce side, it can make even the best of us a bit wary and unnerved of taking the trip.

However, there are so many outstanding places you need to see, and the lack of a campfire should not stop you from getting out there. With our flameless cookware technology, you can create the finest in dining, making the traditional camp cuisine elevated to higher levels than thought previously possible. This list is by no means definitive, but is a great place to start of all the incredible areas to camp across the country where fire is a no-go. Trust us when we say it will be more than worth the trip to any of these places—learn more about these sites, and order your flameless cookware through Barocook today!

The Purpose of a Fire Ban

Campsites, national parks, and more often implement fire bans at various points throughout the year. The bans can last for any period of time. As the Department of Fire and Emergency Services reports, “A Total Fire Ban (TFB) is declared because of extreme weather conditions or when widespread fires are seriously stretching firefighting resources.” DFES continues, explaining that “When a TFB is declared it prohibits the lighting of any fires in the open air and any other activities that may start a fire.” This includes fireworks, campfires, and any other thing that uses or works with fire.

We can’t really do anything to change the status of a fire ban—that is up to the experts. We also don’t want to wait around for a fire ban to be lifted, and we certainly don’t want to do anything that endangers our environment. This is where flameless cookware comes in, making food production possible and safe for all involved.

Zion National Park

In the spring, it’s not uncommon for there to be a fire ban and other fire restrictions at Zion National Park, located in southern Utah. This has not stopped visitors before, because Zion is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful places in the country. Late spring is a great time to visit Zion, as the temperatures are near perfection, making hikes to the infamous Angel’s Landing more manageable.

A fire ban was in place this past May due to drier conditions, but this is almost more reason to go during this time. If the elements and conditions are just right, visitors to the park will have the chance to hike The Narrows, which is essentially hiking up the Virgin River. This is one of the most common hikes to be closed, as flash floods or storms can make for extremely dangerous conditions. Schedule a trip to Zion, spend a few days there, and invest in flameless cookware from Barocook to create the adventure of a lifetime.

Joshua Tree National Park

One of California’s most popular parks, Joshua Tree has some of the most unusual and unique desert life. The Joshua trees for which the park gets its namesake from are also known as yucca palms, and can only be found in the southwestern United States. The campgrounds themselves contain fire pits, but reservations fill up practically at the speed of light. Fortunately, dispersed camping is available, and will make for an even more authentic camping experience.

Within the Colorado and Mojave Deserts, Joshua Tree is located within a highly arid climate. In fact, lightning strikes have caused wildfires in the past, showing that no matter how cautious humans might be, a spark is enough to start a fire. Dispersed camping is a more rugged option, but is perfect for anyone looking for an escape in its nearly purest form.

Especially in the desert, it’s ideal to have flameless cookware that can function both for heating food, as well as keeping it cool. Our Complete Outdoor Flameless Thermal Cooking & Cooling Set is a bundle that includes everything you need for both warming things up, as well as cooling things down. Complete with heat packets, sporks, and more, this bundle is perfect for a dispersed camping trip that promises to be one for the books. Order yours today!

The Rockies

A visit to Rocky Mountain National Park is a must for anyone who loves the mountains. Yet the thing that’s amazing about the Rockies is that they stretch over 3,000 miles in length, spanning from northern Canada all the way to New Mexico. This means there are so many places where you can—and should—try dispersed camping.

That being said, the Rockies are a common site for fire bans. In Colorado, for example, a fire ban has been in effect in many parts of the Rocky region and shows no sign of lifting in the near future. Flameless cookware is permitted, which makes camping just as easy as having a fire, if not more so. Take in unbelievable views of a truly majestic mountain range, spot some incredible wildlife (such as elk, moose, bears, and more), and still have the potential for awesome dining while you’re out in the wild.

Padre Island

Camping might be associated with the woods, but the potential for incredible camping trips goes so much further than the edge of the forest. Specifically in the case of Padre Island, it extends all the way down the shore. Padre Island is a beach camping place of extraordinary beauty. The campsites are limited, and on a first-come, first-serve basis. This makes for the perfect opportunity for dispersed camping, as well as bring any and all flameless cookware.

From April to August, you can camp and could actually see sea turtles nesting on the beach—an incredible event to witness. The potential for viewing this event is pretty low, the experience in itself is an extraordinarily rare one. But camping on the beach during this time period gives you more potential to see the sea turtles.

Whereas a fire could potentially be disruptive, or even deter a sea turtle from being nearby, flameless cookware provides the opportunity to dine in excellence, while also respecting this majestic creature’s boundaries. Check out camping at Padre Island in Texas for a wonderful chance to encounter sea turtles!

Solar Eclipse

For the first time in 38 years, a solar eclipse will cross the continental United States on August 21st! There are over 21 national parks where visitors will be able to see the solar eclipse. This makes for an amazing opportunity to plan a camping trip!

Camping in and around one of the national parks during this time period is highly advantageous compared to staying at home. As one example, your home base might not be in the path of the solar eclipse, meaning you would miss an event that hasn’t happened since 1979. Secondly, the air quality at national parks is considerably better than many locations, particularly in cities. This will grant an easier time of seeing the solar eclipse, and one of the most special occasions for you to break out the flameless cookware.

No matter where you go this summer, fall, or even winter, flameless cookware from Barocook is the gear you need. With affordable heat packs and specialty pots, the dining you love at home will get upgraded in some of the most remote and astonishing venues across the country. You could eat that bowl of pasta at home, at the kitchen table. Or you could enjoy your meal sitting beneath the stars, with views that both astonish and inspire. Check out Barocook for your next adventure, and purchase the best in flameless cookware today.