The Comforts of Home Cooking, Brought to Camping

Chances are, if you’re going camping, you’re looking for an escape. You’re wanting to breathe in the fresh air, walk through the woods, marvel at the mountains, and ultimately, get away. Yet even in these moments of rugged wonder, there is something about bringing the comforts of home to wherever your campsite may be. Much of this comes from the idea and the beauty of being able to create a home, wherever you are.

With Baro Cook, we offer the premier gear you need to bring the best of home with you. Being out in the wild is brings a greater appreciation for all the little things, which is why we are happy to share our camping comforts and ideas. These are the comforts of home mixed with the great outdoors, and they make all the difference. Read on to find out more, and order your gear with Baro Cook today.

Flameless Cookware

Before diving into specific products and ideas that can bring the comforts of home to your camping experience, it’s important to recognize the importance of flameless cookware. Many parks, regions, and even states are incredibly dry and susceptible to dangerous wildfires. As a result, fire bans are put in place to protect the native flora and fauna. Having a campfire is about as iconic as camping itself, but fire bans are strictly enforced and should be respected.

Of course, while survival is completely attainable without a heat source to cook by, flameless cookware takes a camping experience from surviving to thriving. For the comforts of home cooking to be truly brought to your campsite, flameless cookware from Baro Cook is a must. With each of our ideas, no fire is necessary due to our stellar flameless cookware!

For each of our products, purchase heating packs that begin warming your food rapidly within minutes. The packages consist of a powder that is activated by water, the contents are non-toxic, and are a fast and safe way to heat your food when fire is not an option. Learn more from our online store!


There is nothing better than waking up in the morning to a fresh cup of coffee, except for waking up to a fresh cup of coffee in the middle of nowhere. Imagine sitting and relaxing with a hot cup of coffee after a cool summer’s night, where your only purpose is to enjoy your joe and the vistas surrounding you. With our Thermal Cafe Mug, you can heat beverages to your liking, even without fire. Bring instant coffee to stir in with water, or bring a French press and heat up water to use for a more authentic approach. While you’re sitting in the middle of nowhere with your coffee to warm you, you’ll realize that Nowhere has never looked so beautiful.

Southwestern Chili

For fall camping, the days (and especially nights) are going to get cooler, and without a fire, you’re going to need something to really keep you warm. With fall camping, you’ll hopefully have the proper gear and attire to stay warm, but a wonderfully warm bowl of piping hot chili is exactly what you need for a cold night beneath the stars.

With our Large Thermal Cooking Pot, you can easily create a one-pot meal like some savory southwestern chili. Bring an onion, sweet potato, can of black beans, a can of corn, tomato sauce, and a packet of taco seasoning, and let everything simmer. In practically no time, your autumnal meal will be as perfect as the colorful leaves on the trees.


You get back from a hike, and it’s too early for dinner, but well past lunch time, and you are famished. In the comfort of your home, this would be the perfect time to grab something from the shelf, but lucky for you, you’re in the great outdoors. Instead of reaching begrudgingly for that protein bar, use our Small Thermal Flameless-Cooking Pot to make nachos!

Bring chips, a can or jar of jalapenos (or green chiles), cheese, and you have the basics down pat. Add everything to our flameless cooking pot, and watch for the cheese to melt. If space and packing isn’t an issue, bring black beans and a jar of salsa as well. The saltiness is just what your body needs after sweating on a hike. This no-campfire recipe will be a hit amongst everyone you’re with.

Spinach Dip

The nachos might seem like a really easy snack, but you might not have a lot of room to spare for that many ingredients. Enter flameless cookware spinach dip. You can use a recipe to make homemade spinach dip, but for saving more time, ingredients, and space, there’s an even easier way.

Bring a baguette and a jar of spinach dip, and simply pour the contents of the jar into one of our flameless cookware pots, heat, and then serve with a baguette sliced up in relatively thin pieces. Campers will go crazy for this super easy recipe, one that is sure to deliver the tastes of home cooking.


When we think camp food, we usually think of hot dogs roasted over the fire, or veggie packs and tinfoil dinners. However, we also usually think of this food because of the accompanying campfire. Some of the most beautiful places to camp this summer are often places where you can’t have a fire, and in lieu of avoiding nature’s greatest locales, you should invest in a Thermal Pressure Pot.

Spaghetti might seem like a weird choice for a campfire meal, but it’s one of the best meals to have on (or off) the road, and will promise to remind you of the comforts of home. To start, spaghetti is light in terms of packing. The box itself is thin and long, which is much easier to pack when compared to a box of penne or rotini, for example. The only ingredients you need are the pasta itself, sauce, and water. If space and functionality of packing is not an issue, bring a jar of your favorite tomato sauce. In events of backpacking, you can prepare tomato sauce leather beforehand to make for a much lighter means to make one of your favorite meals.

Another added bonus is that this meal does not require storing meat or the necessary food safety that comes with bringing meat along. Additionally, pasta is a nutritionally dense food to consume—you burn a ton of calories through hiking and camping, which makes it important to maintain a solid source of carbohydrates and nutrition overall. With our Thermal Pressure Pot, flameless cooking just got easier (and delicious, too).

S’mores Dip

Toasting a marshmallow to golden perfection, where the outer layer has a subtle crispness that encloses the warmest and gooey-est of centers, is perhaps one of the greatest joys in life. That is, until you combine it with a bar of chocolate and two halves of a graham cracker. Yet fire bans lead to disappointment in all areas of dessert. With flameless cookware however, you can bring s’mores back on your menu once more.

Our Small Thermal Flameless-Cooking Pot gives you so many possibilities, including making s’mores dip! Combine chocolate and mini marshmallows, warm up to a nice melty consistency, and then provide tasty treats to dip into the dessert. Dip graham crackers, strawberries, shortbread, and anything else you can think of for a delightful delicacy. For an added bonus, crush graham crackers and add as a garnish to the dip. A flameless cooking dessert so good, you’ll be hungry for s’more.

To be great at anything, you need the right equipment. This applies to cooking and camping as well. Instead of eating a cold can of beans by a tent that has no fire, your cooking game can reach its apex with our flameless cookware. Don’t avoid the wilderness and the beauty of our world simply because you can’t make a fire. Check out our online store today, and purchase the best in flameless cookware to make any place feel like home.