The Many Uses for Barocook’s Thermal Mugs

Whether you are out on a day hike on your own, on a romantic walk in the woods, or having a family hike to share your love of the outdoors with your kids, a warm drink can make for happy hikers. The Barcook thermal mug is a completely self-contained heating system that is flameless and requires no power to operate. Bringing a Barocook thermal mug along means you can surprise everyone with a warm treat sure to lift spirits and make memories.

 How it Works

Barocook’s thermal heating system works by creating a thermal chemical reaction. The thermal pad is made out of a perfectly balanced mixture of quick line. The ingredients of the heat pack are non-toxic and biodegradable. When water is added to the heat pad a chemical reaction takes place and heat is generated. The Barocook flameless pots and thermal mugs capture this heat and you can use it cook your food or drinks on the go. The temperature in the mug unit reaches 181°F and then slowly tapers off, giving you extra cooking time. This gives you a window of about 25-30 minutes of solid cooking time. This is plenty of time to cook rice or pasta, or to cook freeze-dried foods that are available at outdoors supply stores or online.



Whether you want a fortifying cup of Earl Grey tea, a cup of coffee, or the kids are tired and cranky and could really use a cup of hot chocolate, the Barocook thermal mug can deliver.

If you are on a long road trip and don’t want to stop, or can’t stop because you are in the middle of nowhere, you can still have a warm drink. Because steam is the only byproduct of the chemical reason that generates the heat for the Barocook thermal mug, it can be used in an enclosed space. So, if you are in a car, camping in the back of your pick up or resting in the cab of your long haul truck, you can use the thermal mug with safety.


In many cases, a warm drink and a dry snack don't hit the spot. You want something more substantial and for these moments, and the Barocook thermal mug can come to the rescue. You can use the thermal mug to make any easy meal that will fit into the cup. You can warm up soup or whip up some quick cook noodles. The thermal mug comes with a neoprene sleeve to protect your hands from the warmth of the cup. After about 15 minutes you can open the container and enjoy! Pour your drink or soup into another container or use the mug, but be careful! Contents will be hot!


Now you know why the Barocook thermal mug is one of our favorites! It can provide the heat to warm up drinks or cook quick meals when you are on the go and need something that will hit the spot. Order yours today.