Insulated Cooking & Cooling Bag for Flameless Cooking Anywhere


Product Description

This 84 oz camouflage Insulated Cooking and Cooling Bag in-one is designed to store all your food and cooking supplies while you're traveling and also be used as an insulator for cooking food on the go. Because it's insulated, it can be used to keep food hot or cold too. It's the perfect flameless cooking tool. Add it to your camping kitchen gear or emergency survival kit! Heat your MREs without a flame or power for a hot meal anywhere, anytime. 

  • BaroCook BC-100 84.5 oz (2.5L) Insulated Cooking Bag  ( BC-008 )
  • Inexpensive, yet highly useful for storage, cooking, and cooling
  • Composed of Nylon and water & heat-proof synthetic resin (600D)

Can you image not having the expense, danger or the weight of typical cooking fuels and open flames? Why not try our revolutionary and patented flameless cooking system?