Pouch for Thermal, Flameless Cooking & Eco-Friendly Heat Packs

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Product Description

If you don't need a complete flameless cooking system, our thermal cooking pouch is perfect for you! The thermal cooking pouch will cook, heat, and pasteurize without a flame and right inside of the pouch.

With the technology similar to that of the Military MRE (Meal Ready-to-Eat) flameless heater you will never need a flame to cook a hot meal. An MRE heater is a dangerous chemical that requires lots of venting and caution. BaroCook is non-toxic, eco-friendly, odorless, and water-insoluble. The remaining quicklime powder of the heating pack is ecologically friendly. The byproduct is a no more toxic than regular salt, sand, and mud. After its use, the heating pack can be disposed of like normal trash.

These pouches are perfect for cooking prepackaged foods, any canned food, Campfire Meals dehydrated food, Mountain House freeze dried foods, MRE's and more. Place the heat pack inside of the pouch, add water and place your prepackaged or canned meal inside, seal the pouch and your meal will be hot and ready in minutes. The cooking temperature will reach up to 208˚F with an average cooking temp of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • BC-911 includes 5 Total pouches & 5 large 50g heating packs
  • External pouches are roughly 9" x 14" in size
  • Perfect for 72-hour kits, railroaders, first responders and your emergency food storage. 
  • No fire or electricity required. Just add a small amount of water to activate the heat pack.
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable heat packets
  • The byproduct is steam which turns into hydrogen and oxygen gas.
  • Works with our large 50 gram heating packs.