About Barocook Flameless Cookware

Finally, a revolutionary, simple and safe way to cook or warm food and water indoors or out. No power, electricity, fire, or fuel needed!

  • Our patented Barocook thermal flameless cookware comes in three aesthetically-pleasing varieties (stove, mug, or pouch) and is super easy and safe to use. They offer a quick, easy and safe way to heat all your foods and drinks without the need of a flame.
  • Barocook is made up of a lightweight stainless steel container with a polymer shell, so it is a perfect replacement for bulky stoves.
  • With a little water, snow, or really any liquid, you can activate the heat packs, and your meal will be hot and ready to eat within minutes. Cooking without fire is easy with Barocook!
  • Because it is flameless and produces no carbon monoxide, they can safely be used inside a tent or other confined space.
  • It is so easy to use, you can leave it cooking in your tent, car, room, etc. while you tend to other things and you will not have to worry about anything catching on fire.
  • Order Barocook camping food preparation kits and be ready for your next trip or put them in your emergency survival kits. They are perfect for heating MRE's and rations. 


What can Barocook do for you?

  • Barocook leverages special heating technology to reach temperatures up to 208 degrees.
  • Designed for cooking, heating, and sterilizing without producing a flame, it is a must-have for emergencies, camping, or other outdoor adventures, because it requires no flame source or ignition (all you need is a little water). It uses a special environmentally-friendly heat pack.
  • Our compact, sealed system can be kept tucked away safely with other gear, used indoors, and reused for years to come.
  • Whether you're at home, in a tent, a cave or on a mountain top, everyone wants to stay inside their warm shelter to cook and eat.
  • Now you can with the Barocook Flameless Cookware! Whether you are representing a business or an individual, we want to hear from you!
  • Give us a ring or send an email if you have questions, recommendations, concerns, or are ready to become a dealer.

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