About BaroCook USA

Howdy and thanks for stopping by. We are the Official US importer for the BaroCook Cooking System. We have a warehouse full of all our outstanding products ready to ship to your door or store.

These have been highly popular and used by millions of people worldwide since 2008. Just over two years ago we brought this amazing and patented technology to the fine folks of America. This innovative thermal cooking system allows you to heat your food, or MRE's when there is no fire and no power! 

We love and use the products frequently. We would love to see them in action from you too. Don't be shy if you have questions, recommendations, or concerns drop us a note.

Ready to become a dealer of this amazing flameless cookware for easy campfire meals or emergency supplies? 

You might see us at any number of trade shows during the year, the Outdoor Retailer being one of them.