Become a Barocook Dealer

A patented, easy-to-use, and safe way to cook without dangerous flames, bulky fuels, or electricity. Perfection & Profits!

Is it time to add unique, revolutionary, and hot new products to your store? We have over 20 innovative new products that every student, worker, traveler, outdoor fanatic, family, or family needs. This flameless ration heater system is perfect for cooking on camping trips when the weather, fire conditions, or time limitations do not permit you to build a fire or use a stove. Every family who lives in tornado, hurricane, or earthquake zones should have an emergency survival kit, and the Barocook system is perfect for a survival kit. Products include one-time purchase items as well as the heating packs. They work so well, your customers will keep coming back for more!Ā 

Not only is there a need that only these products serve, but there is also no better time than now to be at the ground level carrying this revolutionary thermal cooking product. We are the official US Distributor of the Barocook Flameless Cooking System. So, what does the opportunity look like?

  • Full line of products in stock, ready to ship
  • Perfect product for stores, websites, trade or gun shows
  • Free small and large retail displays available
  • Winner of many awards, U.S. & worldwide
  • Outstanding potential in so many untapped markets
  • New products introduced frequently

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