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Q: Are the heating packs harmful?

Each Barocook heating pack consists of 18 natural materials and are environmentally friendly.

Q: How do I cook with my Barocook Cookware?

  1. Activate the white pack by adding water or any liquid onto the heating pack
  2. Pour food or water into the stainless bowl and lock the lid
  3. After the temperature of your food or water reaches the desired heat, remove bowl.*
  4. Enjoy your hot soup, coffee, food, etc. minutes later.
*Cooking time differs according to quantity and food type.

Q: How long will a heating pack keep food warm?

It depends on the quantity and size of the heating packs as well as food type. When you cook roughly 17oz of food with the basic rectangular stove using a 50g heating pack, the temperature of food reaches a maximum of 203 degrees Fahrenheit. For about an hour it is kept between 150 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: What is the expiration date of my stove, mug or pouch?

The units themselves are designed for years of service, but the heating elements have a shelf life of three years minimum when completely sealed.

Q: Will my stove get deformed?

The maximum temperature of heating packs is 203 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the contact surface of heating packs can cause deformation of the bottom of containers if used too long or improperly.

Q: Can I heat MREs with Barocook Cookware?

Yes. By placing the MRE main meal, still in its foil pouch, inside the stainless steel container and adding water to cover the main meal pouch, you can warm the meal and use the heated water from the stainless steel pan to make coffee or tea, with no mess to clean up afterwards.

Q: Can I use dehydrated foods with Barocook Cookware?

Yes. Just pour the contents of the dehydrated meal with a sufficient amount of water into the stainless steel pan. Activate the heating packs and your meal will be hot and ready to eat within minutes after heating begins. Cooking time differs according to quantity and food type.

Q: Can I use snow to activate the heat packs?

Absolutely! Just hold a handful of snow in the palm of your hand and allow it to begin to melt and drip onto the heat pack to activate it. Then place the rest of the snow on the heat pack and it will fully activate and melt the rest of the snow.

Q: Can I drink the water that boils the heating packs?

No. The water used to activate the heat pack will boil, but you should not drink it. There are two layers - the polymer bottom pan contains the heat pack and activation water and then the stainless steel pan goes over it. You can heat water in the stainless steel pan, and use the water from the stainless steel pan to make coffee, tea, etc. The water in the stainless steel pan will be hot enough to make drinks, but it will not boil.

Q: Is Barocook eco-friendly?

Yes. When cooking, the only vapor emitted is water vapor. Used eco-friendly heat packs can be safely disposed in the trash.

Q: How do I dispose of the used heat packs?

Used heat packs can be safely disposed in the trash. Unactivated heat packs should not be disposed of in the trash, as liquids coming into contact with the heat pack could activate the heat pack.

Q: What is the operating temperature of Barocook Cookware?

Under ideal conditions (68 degrees Fahrenheit), the stove will reach temperatures up to 208 degrees Fahrenheit to quickly heat your food. Barocook Cookware can cook and keep your food hot for up to an hour. Because of the included neoprene sleeve, you can safely cook in your tent without worrying about damaging your tent or camping gear from the heat.

Q: What are the heat packs composed of?

The active ingredients in the heat packs are natural minerals: calcium hydroxide and sodium bicarbonate.

Q: Is Barocook Dishwasher Friendly?

Why yes. Every part of the barocook flameless cooking system is approved for the dishwasher, top tray. Everything from the lid (including seal), stainless steal inner container and plastic outer container can safely be placed in the dishwasher.