What Will Barocook Do For You?

Seriously, where else can you get an affordable, portable, reusable, and flameless cooking system you can carry with you anywhere you go? For only $10-$40 you get a kitchen in your hands. Now that’s revolutionary!


BaroCook is the most reliable, efficient, safe and portable cooking solution in the workplace. Cook or heat any meal or beverage right in your office, cubical, hotel, airport and more...

If you’re lucky you have a microwave where you can quickly heat a meal, but usually the only thing available is a cafeteria down the road. No need to take 30-60 minutes for a lunch that usually takes a big bite out of your wallet too. The BaroCook system is an affordable, portable and quick way to easily prepare meals even at (and on) your desk. Surprise your coworkers with your cooking abilities.

It’s a must-have and no-brainer for workaholics; heat your meal, you stay energized for hours on end. Of course everyone needs his or her coffee, tea or cocoa; how and when they want it. Our Café tumbler allows you to prepare your favorite drink on the job too.


Carry BaroCook along in your woven basket to your next picnic whether near or far. It will do all the heating or cooling your goodies need. Then lay it out on the plaid blanket and impress the good company around you. Why yes, Barocook can do thatt.

Organizing and preparing your food and drink can take considerable time and energy. With BaroCook cooking or cooling systems you can organize your picnic quickly and spontaneously. Even use BaroCook as containers for storing and transporting snacks on your short hike or long backpack trip through beautiful mountains. Let BaroCook brighten up your outdoor day!

Outdoor Adventures

Nutrition is a critical part of your outdoor adventure. You don’t have to settle for melted protein bars, stale nuts, or soggy sandwiches. Whether you’re gone for several hours or several days your mind and body wants real food, real quick and really tasty. BaroCook is designed just for you.

Because it’s ultra-portable you can pack and cook your food in the same container. Bring along several heating packs for you and your friends. Any liquid such as stream, lake water, soda or urine will activate them up over 200˚ F, but not quiet boiling. Eating a hot meal after that hard work will put a smile on your face and you’ll be more glad you invested in BaroCook.

Go conquered the mountain and enjoy the beautiful scenery you worked hard for and send us a picture of your BaroCook in action!


You’re probably out on the road exploring new place and people. Whether it’s a trailer, motorhome, or RV flameless cookware is always the safe solution. If you’re on a bike or motorcycle BaroCook’s portable and reusable cookware will fit in your bags and be ready for your next adventure. The BaroCook advantage is the patented cooking system that requires liquid from any source to activate our heating packs to over 200˚ F and heats or cooks food for 25 minutes and remains hot for another 25 minutes.

Why not take a detour on your trip and enjoy a gourmet, delicious meal and make and unforgettable adventures with BaroCook’s innovative system?


You want to spend those enjoyable summer days on the beach playing, not wondering or worrying about your food. The right solution for safe and instant cooking is the revolutionary BaroCook, which allows you to prepare (heat or cook) a delicious hot meal while watching a colorful sunset. Aside from your towels and swimsuits it will become an indispensable companion for any beach trip.

When you explore hidden locations by the sea for a bit of solitude or go far away from civilization let Barocook take care of the storage, cooling and cooking. Oh, and don’t forget the Barocook Spork with a knife, fork and spoon all-in-one. Barocook has you and your family covered.

In the Car

BaroCook is the ideal travel companion and should have a special spot in every car. There are so many reasons why, we’ll mention only a few: You ran out the door without thinking about cooking the meals you grabbed. We get it, enjoying your adventure is more important than worrying about cooking. Whether it’s dehydrated, freeze-dried, canned, or other packaged food BaroCook can handle it.

You probably still remember the times you spent several hours driving cross-country, through the desert and only longed for a sip of coffee to clear your mind and wake you up. Sadly that long road had no signs of civilization. And why spend time stopping or money at expensive restaurants just to enjoy a hot meal? No more cold cuts and dry bread. Your BaroCook can be used in the confines of small spaces such as your car, so cook up a storm. At least a tasty hot meal in minutes.

What about those desperate, impatient and hungry children? Keeping them fed, keeps you calm. Instantly whip up a hot can of SpaghettiO’s or any type of meal that requires heating or light cooking. Keep the car moving and your kids eating. Our reusable Sporks are kid friends. Just pray you never break down in the middle of nowhere, and a towing service won’t arrive for hours. Ok, it’s out there but you never know what a hot meal or drink will do for your body and mind during an unpleasant situation. Believe me, I’ve been there.

That’s just a few scenarios that show, it’s better to be prepared one year too early than a minute too late. Any number of troubles can hit you at a moments notice. We designed BaroCook to be Portable, Reusable, Eco-Friendly and Flameless to cover the plethora of unpleasant situations. No brains, no flameless needed ☺ You never know when it will save your life, at least your appetite.


You attend cultural, film or art festivals, concerts and other large events. Whether it’s indoor or out, there is no reason for you or the kids to go without a hot meal during your outing. Most of these venues don’t allow traditional gas burners, open fire, or have a convenient plug for the heavy portable stove you were smart not to buy.

BaroCook cooking system allows you to prepare delicious meals without the need of fire or any other dangerous fuels that can threaten you or other around. Preparing a meal is really easy. It might even become the main attraction and cause you to make new friends ☺

BaroCook is the most portable, convenient, eco-friendly and safe way to heat or cook, even during an event. Focus on the event without the worry or waste.

Buying BaroCook today for any situation in life, especially gifts is, is a no-brainer. What can Flameless do for you?